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    Posted on Jan 29, 2014

    Leonardo DiCaprio Was A Total Embarrassing Dad At The Tokyo Premiere Of "Wolf Of Wall Street"

    Ughhh dadddddddd why are you taking so many cell pics.

    First Jonah was like, "Leooooo that's soooo embarrassing"

    Splash News

    Then Marty was like "ugh Leooo stop being so uncool"

    Yumeto Yamazak/

    And Jonah was like, "I'm not with him"

    Michael Steinebach/

    "Seriously, I don't know this guy trying to take all these backwards selfies"

    And marty was all "You are embarassing me in front of my friends"

    Splash News

    "Seriouslyyyyy, stoppppp"

    "I hateeeee youuuuuuu for ruining my life" *slams bedroom door*

    "I'm never talking to you again"

    Yumeto Yamazak /

    *LOL, how do you even use this, I'm such a dad.*

    Yumeto Yamazak /

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