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    Secret Friends Leonardo DiCaprio And Ansel Elgort Played Beach Volleyball Together

    Who knew these two hung out.

    Hello friends. In this edition of, WHATT?? THEY ARE FRIENDS???? I present to you Leonardo DiCaprio playing beach volleyball with Ansel Elgort. Yah, I'm talking Oscar winner Leo DiCap hanging with the guy from the Carrie remake (and some other movies).

    In the wise words of the great Bruno Mars... don't believe me? Just watch:

    See? Leo and Ansel, on a beach, playing volleyball.

    But I don't just have those two pics to share of them playing beach volleyball, I have a few more, cause here at BuzzFeed we can afford up to six pics :) so I got four more to show you:

    Leo looking at the sky for volleyballs:

    Leo about to bump dat shitttt:

    Leo setttinnnnnn dat shitttt:

    And Leo and Ansel high-fiving and showing good sportsmanship.

    Well, that's all folks!