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Lenny Kravitz Is Shaking Because Jennifer Garner Is The New Giant-Ass Scarf Qwing

She did that!

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In 2012 Lenny Kravitz did that. He wore a blanket over his shoulders and called it a scarf. Sad fact though: the scarf ended up swallowing Lenny whole and now performs as him at various dive bars around Germany. RIP Lenny.

Jason Webber / Jason Webber / Splash News

Anywho, after that ~incident~, it seemed like no one could or would ever DARE to wear a big ol' scarf again. Until yesterday. When Jennifer Garner aka Jennifer "Brave" Garner, stepped out for the first time as the new Scarf Qwing (that's my new gender-neutral term for a person in power).

Bg004 / GC Images

Folks, that's a friggin' scarf!

Bg004 / GC Images

Nay — that's a friggin' knit comforter!

Bg004 / GC Images

Lenny Kravitz is literally shaking in his giant scarf cause he's trapped in there, but also cause he's shooken!

Bg004 / GC Images

Cause Jennifer Garner did that and did that with stripes!

Bg004 / GC Images

So yeah, a new scarf Qwing has been crowned, and NOT just because it was her birthday when she wore it. It's because she deserves it.

Instagram: @jennifer

Ciao for now!

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