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Ode To Leighton Meester And Adam Brody, The Newly Engaged Dream Couple

The dream couple of the 2000s that became a reality just got engaged. It's a beautiful thing.

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This beautiful pairing consists of one part of the actually perfect Seth Cohen:

FOX / The OC

And one part flawless Blair Waldorf:

CW / Gossip Girl

The story began when this picture was taken almost a year ago. Were they TOGETHER?! It's just their backs but those backs gave us hope.

And this blurry picture of them laughing together gave us MORE hope. Look they are smiling.

And then this creepy photo someone took of them hugging in the back was weird but still gave us even MORE hope.

Seeing their fronts toward the camera looking adorable and together sealed the deal.

Getty Images

The most wonderful cross-television show pairing to ever exist was thrust upon us.

Henry S. Dziekan III / WireImage


Daniel Robertson / startraksphoto


Bleth = Blair + Seth.
Allan Bregg / Splash News

Bleth = Blair + Seth.

It was overwhelmingly perfect.

Andrew H. Walker

He would look at her from inside the car...

Pacific Coast News

And they walked together.

And now they are engaged.

And Blair and Seth can live happily ever after.


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