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Kylie Jenner's Snapchat Story Where She Gives Kids $100 For Lemonade Is Honestly Amazing

This is the best Snapchat story ever.

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Over the weekend some kids were out there trying to make a buck or two in the neighborhood of Calabasas, California, by selling some street-side beverages. It probably looked exactly like this:

Viafilms / Getty Images

Kylie Jenner, Queen of Calabasas — and person that needs to drink liquids to survive — saw these young entrepreneurs and decided to purchase some beverages. First Kylie and her friend got some sodas and apparently paid around $7 for them. But then Kylie wanted the lemonade. THAT GOOD HOMEMADE LEMONADE.

Instagram: @kylizzlesnapchats

It is then that Kylie handed over a literal One Hundred Dollar bill for two cups of lemonade. A BENJAMIN FOR SOME LEMONADE! You can see the transaction in what is now my favorite Snapchat of all time:

Instagram: @kylizzlesnapchats

In the end Kylie realized that maybe the lemonade was just some Crystal Light in water, which, in my opinion as a person who used to run a lemonade stand in front of my house, is BULLSHIT. Give me Country Time or give me nothing.

Instagram: @kylizzlesnapchats

Either way, even though those kids probably/definitely did not need the $100, I'm still kinda glad this whole thing happened because, as I mentioned, it has given me my new favorite Snapchat story ever.


Viafilms / Getty Images

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