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Kristen Stewart Hanging Out Of A Car To Take A Picture Of Stella Maxwell Is What Lesbian Dreams Are Made Of


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Dear people of the world, please gather round and take a look at a photo that will go down in history as more important and iconic than the painting of those two dudes touching hands in the sky.

First of all, we have su-pare model Stella Maxwell hanging out of the car holding a coffee. Notice she looks really fucking good but, like, that's no surprise because she's a fucking su-pare model.


In this piece of art there is danger (hanging out of an SUV), rebellion (hanging out of an SUV in traffic), bravery (hanging out of an SUV while holding a phone), and just a shit ton of hotness (it's a fact).

Also I'm pretty sure this is literally how the lesbian version of Speed starts. Sandra Bullock can be in that one too!!!!

Can't wait to see the finished product on Instagram. And long live Stellwart.