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    Kristen Stewart And Jesse Eisenberg Play "Never Have I Ever"

    In which we find out if they've ever laughed so hard they peed.

    Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg star in the new stoner action comedy — a rare, but special genre of film — American Ultra. A lot of crazy stuff goes down in the movie, including death by a spoon, firework explosions, and of course, some 420 action.

    We sat down with Kristen and Jesse to play a game of "Never Have I Ever" to get to the truth. The cold hard truth. We learned that they've both been high in public (but not how you think) and so much more. Here's what happened.

    Jesse Eisenberg: By profession.

    Kristen Stewart: It's what we're good at slash we're really good at pretending.

    JE: I've been in handcuffs a million times for movies.

    KS: Me too.

    JE: this might not work with us, but keep trying.

    JE: Oh, 72. I thought you were going to say days.

    BuzzFeed: Have you gone days?

    JE: No, I would have said no way, but still I thought you were going to say days.

    JE: No, there's no reason to do that.

    BF: You just watch it once and that's fine?

    JE: Yeah, it's usually better.

    JE: I peed so much I started laughing.

    KS: You know what, unfortunately for us, I think that's kind of a girl thing. You know what I mean? This is good.

    JE: I was once on the CN tower in Toronto.

    KW: Yeah, me too.

    JE: Yeah.

    What was that experience like?

    JE: No, it's just like very high up. In public.

    JE: Fifth. Fifth, yeah.

    BF: Because of Friday Night Lights.

    KS: Oh! No, but I should have.

    JE: I should have done it. Yeah.

    JE: Day one.

    KS. No. I didn't get the chance.

    What's one of them?

    KS: I don't remember specifically. I just know the feeling it gave me.

    JE: To get a different-color New Balance shoe. I wrote down "maroon New Balances" once.

    KS: My organizational skills get better, which actually you wouldn't think that.

    JE: Right, it's usually the opposite.

    What was your method?

    KS: I actually started crying. Because I was just freaked out. And I didn't try to — I was trying to hide it from him. And he was like, "No, it's cool. It's OK, just slow down." And I was like, "OK, but, I, thank you. I'm really sorry." And he didn't give it to me.

    JE: That's very sweet.

    KS: Crashed?

    Or had an accident of some kind.

    KS: I mean, like, a little touchy.

    What were they?

    JE: I did construction with my father for a whole summer. It was horrible. Horrible.

    And Kristen?

    KS: Well, I don't want to tell you what movie it is, but I've definitely done a couple of movies where I've been like, "This movie's a piece of shit."

    JE: Yeah.

    See Kristen and Jesse in American Ultra, in theaters today.