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    It Seems Kourtney Kardashian Is Determined To Prank Someone Who Is Sleeping

    Why though.

    This morning, Kourtney Kardashian asked a question on Twitter. She wanted recs for a "good prank to do on a sleeping person."

    What’s a good prank to do on a sleeping person?

    There are two main takeaways from this question: 1) There is no good prank to do on a sleeping person. Just let sleeping people sleep!! Unless it's this:

    @kourtneykardash Yell “Auntie Kris it’s me Todd Kraines!”

    ABC / Happy Endings

    The second takeaway: 2) Turns out she's actually obsessed with trying to prank sleeping people, and this is the SECOND TIME SHE HAS TWEETED ABOUT IT!!!

    Does anyone have any good prank ideas to do to a sleeping person? Me and @khloekardashian need help.

    First in 2017 and then today, in 2020.

    What is Kourtney's motive here?? Why is she so eager to prank people while they are sleeping??? And why couldn't she just refer back to the responses she got on the first tweet???

    All I know is, if you're smart, you'll never sleep anywhere near Kourtney Kardashian!!!!!! Bye.