13 Knees That Look Like Famous People

It’s not the post you wanted, but it’s the post you kneeded.

1. This girl’s knee looks like Kanye West.

Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images


2. Miley Cyrus’ knee looks like Seth Rogen…

Jo Hale/Redferns via Getty Images

Jamie McCarthy / NBC


3. …and it also looks like Carlton.


4. This knee looks like Niall Horan screaming.


5. This girl’s knee(s) look like Jesse Heiman, the guy who made out with Bar Rafaeli in that Superbowl commercial.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images


6. This girl’s knee looks like Voldemort.


7. And this girl’s looks like Voldemort from the first movie.

Warner Brothers


8. This girl’s knee looks like Ron Swanson.


9. This person’s knee looks like Chucky.

Universal Pictures


10. This girl’s knee resembles George Washington.

National Archives / Getty Images


11. This girl’s knee looks like Kyle Massey.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images


12. This person’s knee looks like Simon Cowell.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images


13. And finally, this guy’s knee looks like ET.


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