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    Kimmy Gibbler And DJ Tanner Will Always And Forever Be BFFs

    Even though Full House was scripted, the friendships were real. *Heartwarming music plays and show fades to black*

    Kimmy and DJ were the best duo of the '90s.

    A true friendship was witnessed on television.

    Even though Kimmy was the Urkel of Full House, DJ stood by her BFF.

    Maybe you thought once the cameras stopped rolling they'd wipe the lipstick off their teeth and part ways.

    But NOPE! Because 13 years later and they are STILL best friends. In real life.

    They do sports activities together:

    Feed each other ice cream:

    Reunite with their former co-stars:

    Hang with people:

    And obsess over New Kids On The Block together:

    They even went to a NKOTB concert together:

    This is what Candace Cameron made for Andrea Barber on her birthday:

    So basically DJ and Kimmy are the bestest friends forever.

    The End.