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    Kim Kardashian's Interview With Her Whole Family In Their Bedroom Is Actually Really Adorable, So Sue Me

    I enjoy this.

    Kim Kardashian West did the 73 Questions with Vogue interview, and I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a little obsessed with the part of the interview where she and the entire fam are in the bedroom together answering questions.

    See. Kanye is there with North, Saint, and lil' bb Chicago.

    And honestly the whole gathering is really forkin' cute!!!!!!!!!

    I learned that North stans Bill Nye the Science Guy and wants to meet him, which is cool 'cause science is cool.

    And that Saint is excited for a little brother (a fourth child is arriving via surrogate in May), but that North is actually really excited too 'cause she just wants to play with her little sister more.

    Sidenote: At one point, the camera pans for a second and we see this BA-HATH-ROOM.


    And then we go back to the family.

    And Kanye is playing with Chicago in the background.

    This is cute as heck!!!

    Eventually all the distractions become too much, and Kim asks North to take Saint to get some Sprite.

    And then Kim leaves the family and walks backward through their giant empty house to do the rest of the interview.

    Here's the whole thing. Watch away:

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