Kim Kardashian's Pet Bearded Dragon Is Literally A Fashion Icon, And I Love Her


    In case you didn't know, Kim Kardashian's family has a pet bearded dragon named Speed.

    Meet the newest member of our family...Speed. I really wasn’t planning on liking Speed the way I do but she grew on me! Speed was really my BFF Allison’s and we babysat for a week and she never left and it’s been months!

    Twitter: @KimKardashian

    Speed has proven to have good style. I mean, check out this sickkkkkk fit.

    Speed wearing a fluffy onesie

    But now it is officially official. Speed is the coolest mother effer on planet EARTH.

    Speed has a hat that says SPORTS. Speed loves sports and looks hella chillllll in a flatbrim cap.

    Speed wearing his hat and standing in front of a toy microphone

    But Speed is multidimensional. She's no one-trick pony. Speed also plays guitar and can rock a punk look. I'd see Speed in concert.

    Speed wearing a purple wig and "holding" a mini guitar

    And just when you thought Speed had nothing left to give, she gives it ALL. With these fresh AF sunglasses.

    This is fashion, baby!!!!

    LOOK. IT. UP.

    Thank you, Speed, for being an icon!!!! I'm literally your biggest fan.

    Love u bye.