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    Kim Kardashian Being Sad Over Her Second Phone Breaking Is The Definition Of #FamousPeopleProblems


    Guys. Something bad happened today. Tragic, really. Kim Kardashian's Blackberry Bold died. Unfortunately since they ceased production of these in 1848, she can't even find it on ebay!!!!!!!

    She prepared herself for something like this happening, but she still had questions. Does she get another Blackberry, or ditch it?

    OH AND ALSO THE BLACKBERRY WAS HER "SPARE" PHONE. So like, she has another phone. Now she doesn't know if she should suffer and get TWO iPhones or try and find another Blackberry somehow even though they went extinct with the dinosaurs.

    BTW, If you think it's silly for her to have two phones, think again! I mean, sometimes Verizon just works where AT&T doesn't! Anyone with just one phone clearly sucks at life and is risking no cell service far too frequently.

    Anyway, if you have a phone that looks like this, Kim Kardashian might pay you a lot of money for it. But so might an archeologist because I think it might be considered a fossil at this point?

    In conclusion: Kim is sad. Someone get her a Blackberry stat.

    Or maybe one of Sarah Jessica Parker's friends can help her???

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