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    An Investigation Into Kendall Jenner Tip Gate 2k17


    Hello fronds, it is I, Detective Lauren.


    Here to investigate what I've dubbed Kendall Jenner Tip Gate 2k17. Lettuce begin.

    A few days ago a Brooklyn bar called Baby's All Right posted a photo of a receipt belonging to one Kendall N. Jenner. The bill was $24.00, and it was signed. However, you'll notice one thing: the tip area was left blank.

    The bar captioned the Instagram "Don't forget to tip your bartender :)" which seems like a passive way of saying "Kendall Jenner didn't tip her bartender and we want you all to know!!!!"

    Now, as one who has held numerous positions in the restaurant industry, (yes, the rumors are true, I was the first bus girl at a restaurant in my town when I was 16) I understand how important tips are!!! Once while waiting tables someone left me nothing and wrote on the receipt "the service was too fast." ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??! But I digress. All I'm saying is, I get it, TIPPING IN AMERICA IS A GIVEN.

    So, once people heard about KJTG 2k17, they were pissed. But also, stories were getting crossed!

    The evidence presented in the tweet above are two events that occured at different times. First is the story we are hearing about now, and the other is a story about Kendall allegedly throwing money at a waitress's face, from three years ago. One in which Kendall actually threatened to sue over defamation. So basically these two incidents are completely unrelated and the second was basically bullshit.

    Now that we know that Kendall didn't throw money at anyone's face last week, let's get back to the alleged no tipping thing, cause people were still calling her out for that. The evidence here is this:

    1) A photo of a receipt that is signed by Kendall that leaves both the tip AND the total empty.

    2) And the Instagram posted of the receipt by the prosecution claiming she didn't tip...

    ...HOWEVER, the second piece of evidence has been DELETED!!! That's right, the Instagram account for the bar deleted their photo and caption. Which is curious, cause ya know... it's gone.

    So now there's only one piece of evidence left, and that's the receipt. But just because the tip area is empty, doesn't necessarily mean no tip was given.

    Which is where Kendall N. Jenner herself drops a bombshell: She claims she tipped in cash!!!

    damn, i guess next time we won't tip in cash

    That's right. The defendant defends.

    Obviously tipping in cash would mean that the tip area being left blank on a credit card charge would make complete sense. Maybe she had a $5 or $10 in her pocket and just decided to leave that?

    Or maybe there's a another explanation altogether for this whole thing. Maybe Kendall was leaving a tip blank check style. Purposely not filling in a tip because she wanted the bartender to tip themselves at whatever they felt was right. Unlikely and I think illegal, but, stranger things have happened!

    So there you have it folks. The investigation of KJTG 2k17 is complete. And in my completely unbiased opinion as someone who doesn't love Kendall Jenner at all, I'd say this case is dismissed. But I guess I'll ask you guys anyway...



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      Kendall tipped in cash, jeez louiz.
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      Kendall did not tip. This investigation is a SHAM, she is guilty.
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      Ur my favorite buzzfeed writer :)

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