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Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid And Cara Delevingne Together Are A Trifecta Of Perfection

Dream trio tbh.

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Separately they go by their own names, but together they go by KenGi and CaKe (Kendall being the common denominator here). When they are even more together (like when it's the three of them) they go by CaKenGi*, and it's a trio of ~Perfection~.

And at the MTV Movie Awards, there was no lack of perfection. As you can see in this loving display from the CaKe part of the trifecta. Even though someone else goes to hug Cara, she and Kendall still manage to gaze lovingly into each other's eyes.

...however thank GOD for Snapchat, because that's where Kendall showed us that she was indeed with the entirety of CaKenGi at a party after the show.

Instagram: @kendalljennersnapchat_

And she even lent her phone to Cara who showed off her hidden talent of blowing smoke rings.

Instagram: @kendalljennersnapchat_