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Kendall Jenner Answers A Bunch Of Questions But Most Importantly Makes Bird Noises

Queen of bird noises.

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Vogue's latest installment of "73 Questions" features the love of my life, Kendall Jenner. In it we learn a few things.

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Such as, her nickname for Gigi is "Wigi."

Her spirit animal is Tupac Shakur.

Only she knows that Kim can do almost anything with her toes...

...and the outfit she wears when she's alone is...nothing. 👀

But by far the most important thing we learned in this video is that Kendall Jenner is the Queen of bird calls. Like, she can literally make bird noises. Listen:

And here she is making bird noises again with a beard filter on her face:

TBH, if you're a bird, I'm a bird.

You can watch her answer allllllll 73 questions here:

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