Kelly Rowland On Destiny's Child And That Excel Spreadsheet In The "Dilemma" Music Video

    "I Feel Like Destiny's Child Stood For Something" - Kelly Rowland

    Kelly Rowland is one-third of the iconic group Destiny's Child. (I don't think I need to explain any further who they are.) But post-Destiny's Child, Kelly has had endless iconic moments of her own, from the unforgettable "Dilemma" to "Motivation" to Empire, and now Chasing Destiny, her new show in which Kelly is in search of the next great girl group.

    Kelly came to visit us at BuzzFeed to talk about her career highlights (of which there are many). We learned that she has no memory of the Destiny's Child Super Bowl reunion, that the set of the "Motivation" music video was almost too sexy, and so much more.

    Watch her talk about her iconic moments below:

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    On Destiny's Child:

    Kelly Rowland: One word that comes to mind is friendship. Another word that comes to mind is long-lasting loyalty. I think that's one of the perks of being in a group, that you get friendship. I think when y'all truly, genuinely love each other, y'all got each other's backs, you want to be there for each other, you do more than just sing together. You make money together, you can make millions of dollars together! You make memories together. You travel the world together. You meet people together. It's just, really awesome. I think that culture of girl groups is just, it's tens, it really is, it's tens.

    On "Dilemma":

    KR: It's so funny, everybody remembers Nelly for the Band-Aid. It was a great record. It was a record that I think is so cool that people still sing to this day. I can't believe the song just had a 10th anniversary or something crazy. But it was the first breakout moment away from Destiny's Child and one of the biggest moments and records in my career.

    ...and on that Excel spreadsheet text in the "Dilemma" video:

    KR: OK, I can't explain this picture. I was given this phone — we probably got some extra perks for having this phone in the video, y'all know how that works by now. And basically, I don't know why they had this. I don't know why that screen is like this. I'm sorry I can't give you a really good answer. Yeah, I have no idea.

    On X-Factor:

    KR: Oh my god. Simon is nuts. But he's so much fun to work with, and I still think that he likes to win. So every time you see Simon on his show, his group is gonna win. If it's boys, if it's girls, whatever. But I love Simon, I love working with him, and I hope to see him soon. I hope to see him very soon.

    I remember he was giving one of the artists on my team a really hard time, and he finally gave us a compliment. Simon is just so difficult, but he basically agreed, and was like, "Oh yeah, you did a great job," and I was so happy I literally kissed him. On the mouth. It was a nice little kiss.

    On Empire:

    KR: Energy. It took a lot of energy to get to Leah's place. Because she was a woman who just loves her son so much, and because she was going through this challenging mental illness, it was making the relationship very challenging. Hence the reason why Lucious is nuts. But it was one of the best experiences I ever had.

    And I'm so happy that everybody on the Empire team is so cool. Everybody. It was just a great experience. I'd love to do it again; we'll see. The set is so cool. If I'm shooting a scene, Taraji is walking out of her trailer because she's about to do a scene, Jussie is in his trailer because he's about to do a scene. You just get a taste and a piece of everybody and a chance to talk and catch up with everybody.

    On the Super Bowl reunion performance:

    KR: OK, the Super Bowl reunion performance. Here's the lowdown: I don't remember it. The reason I don't remember it is because there's this magical place you go to and I didn't know it was going to happen, but the only thing I remember is my feet, in that chute, the chute thing that we were on. And I don't remember what happened, and when we got offstage, last thing I remember is we were in the back of the stage waiting for Bey to come down, because she was doing "Halo," and when she came down we were just screaming and excited. But I don't remember it, but when I saw it on TV, I was like, "Oh, we did a good job!" So I'm really embarrassed that I don't remember it.

    On "Motivation":

    KR: One of my favorite songs I've ever recorded to date. My favorite video I've ever shot. I wish you guys were on set for that. There was some freaky shit going on on that set. My choreographer Frank Gatson, who's actually on the show with me, Chasing Destiny, he was there with me. He's been my choreographer since I was 15, 16 years old. He was like, "This whole vibe, this whole vibe of the video should feel like you want to [fuck] somebody!" And I was like, oh god, he's going to scare everybody away! But literally the whole set turned into just, oozing sexiness and sensuality.

    And it was just — it was crazy. People were leaving the set to go get it on. I was just like, I can't even be mad at y'all. Between the song and the feeling and the lights... everybody there. It was pretty dope.

    On "Independent Women":

    KR: I'm proud to say that I'm an independent woman. Now I'm married, which is so weird, still. And I have a kid. So am I independent? Of course I am! But I'm very proud of that movement. It's one of the things that I'm most proud of. Because I feel like Destiny's Child stood for something. We weren't just cute with microphones or anything like that. I felt like we had a message. Something to tell women, and it was so in every single part of our being to say that, and we were excited about that. And it was really awesome to see women in the crowd who felt like it too. So you felt like you were part of the movement. That's what I'm most proud of Destiny's Child for.

    On Chasing Destiny:

    KR: An unforgettable experience. One of the best so far in my career. What I love the most about it is the fact that I'm getting a chance to groom some talent. I feel like when it comes to artist development, it's kind of sucked out of the industry right now, and people are just catapulted into this crazy career, and all the in-between stuff is just really good. It makes them amazing, it makes them great and unique, and I'm actually touching on that in the show.

    It reminds me of my time starting out with Destiny's Child. When I came up with Destiny's Child, we were some weirdos. We wanted to work. We wanted to wake up and jog and sing every morning. We wanted to do the work that it takes to really be great. We weren't afraid of the work that it took to be really great. And yeah, we were great.

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