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    11 Of Justin Bieber's Best Moves While Dancing Alone At Coachella

    Ain't no party like a Justin Bieber dancing alone party.

    HEY FAM!!!! This weekend Coachella happened. HEARD OF IT? Yah, well also Justin Bieber was there. HEARD OF HIM?!?!?!?! Yah, well he was a dancin' man, mostly on his own, and his moves were impressive! I mean, the dude was groovin' to the music solo! So anyway, here are his best dance moves.

    1. The shoeless wander

    2. The backward jump-step:

    3. The "oh, sorry ma'am, didn't see ya there!"

    4. The "Ok, gonna go this way now!"

    5. The steppity step doodly dee:

    6. The ~spicy~ steppity step doodly dee.

    7. The first .05 seconds of The Cotton Eyed Joe:

    8. The reversing truck. BEEP BEEP.

    9. The pulling forward truck cause it reversed too far. HONK HONK.

    10. The jiggly wiggly.

    11. And, the ballroom butt.

    And now for some honorable mentions, which involved a dance partner.

    12. The patty cake

    13. The XTREME patty cake.

    14. And finally, what I think is the secret handshake from The Parent Trap.

    GOTTA LOVE COACHELLA!!! And here are the vids below if you wanna watch:

    my brother just sent me this video of justin bieber dancing at coachella i’m so jealous i wish i was there

    this video of justin bieber at coachella is very 'me determined to have fun at some dead house party at 5am when all my friends want to go to bed'

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