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    Justin Bieber Seems Like The Worst Person To Sit Next To At A Basketball Game

    It was a matter of time before we learned the truth about what went down on that night.

    Some lucky — or actually seriously unlucky — girl got to sit next to Justin Bieber at the Miami Heat game last week and hated it. Apparently Bieber was a big d-bag and not even because he was WEARING THAT DAMN HAT.

    Haleigh, Justin's seat neighbor, uploaded this pic to Instagram. Note the "#hesanasshole":

    Seventeen magazine spoke with Haleigh about what happened at that game, and here's what she said:

    "The only words that he said to me the whole game were to scoot over when he sat down."

    She even tried talking to him, but nothing could break down that leather barrier of his:

    "I attempted to talk to him, but he wasn't feeling it ... He like, wasn't letting anyone take pics of him, even by himself, so I was like, 'You obviously love the cameras,' so he was like, 'Yeah.' It was just really uncomfortable."

    Just look at his poor seat-mate manners.

    Getty Images

    Here he is leaning so far over that his arm is TOUCHING her arm. One should be far enough away that one's skin does not rub another's.

    Getty Images

    Here he is HOVERING like a freaking hovercraft to creep on her phone:

    And here he has clearly just farted and it's stinking up the entire joint:

    Getty Images

    #Not #Cool

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