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    Justin Bieber Is Running Around New York Like Crazy Playing Pokémon Go

    I've never felt more connected to him.

    Welp, it happened: Justin Bieber is playing Pokémon Go like the rest of the world! It's really no different than anyone else playing except that he's famous, so I'm going to talk about it here with you.

    You see, earlier today Justin was photographed as he was clearly on the hunt for a Pokémon. You can tell because his phone is in front of his face and it looks like he might be walking like a zombie while crossing the street.

    Plus some other person was tanning in Central Park and tweeted that Justin was definitely running around playing Pokémon Go.

    Lmao I'm in the park tanning and Justin Bieber is running around here playing Pokemon 💀

    There's also another video that was taken late last night. In it, Justin Bieber and dozens of other people are literally bolting across streets looking for a Gyarados* nearby.

    In yet another video that proves Justin Bieber is obsessed with Pokémon Go, you can hear Justin say, "Gotta catch 'em all!" Which is so true because you do need to catch them all. And Justin is doing just that!!

    Justin was roaming around the streets today playing 'Pokémon Go' 😂😂 #MTVHottest Justin Bieber

    And finally here's a literal three-second clip of Justin just standing on the street playing Pokémon Go on his phone.

    Justin is playing Pokemon Go is a small child 😹 #MTVHottest Justin Bieber

    So there you have it. Justin Bieber is just like us! Except probably minus the angry texts from our moms screaming that we used too much data this month. OH WELL, POKÉMON GO CALLS!

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