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Just A Reminder That Zac Efron Has A Really Hot Brother

There are two of them.

Hi, it's me, Cap'n obvious here to say that Zac Efron is hot. DUH!!!

BUT...have you met his younger brother? No? Then I guess you didn't read my last post about him, how rude! But don't worry, I've gathered newer and better pics of the other Efron, because it's important that you are aware of his existence.

Let's begin. This is Zac Efron's brother. The one on the left! The guy on the right is his grandpa, adorable! But we aren't talking about him. We are talking about Dylan, on the left.

Dylan does endurance sports, like running wet out of the water.

And also running on land, which makes him sweaty, so then he has to pour water on himself, and once again ends up wet.

He's like Zac...

...but with facial hair...


He's outdoorsy.

He wears tiny blue shorts.

He has to wear skintight clothes for when he's doing triathlons and stuff...

...and he takes really cute pics with dogs in front of beautiful rolling green hills.

Like his brother, he's adorable.

Dare I say...MORE adorable??

Not sure what the results will be yet, but I'M DARING TO SAY IT!!! I think he might be more adorable? ?? ?? ? ??? ? ? ? ?

Also, he's a writer. An intellectual!!!

So to recap: We have here one Dylan Efron.

He's in really good shape.

He has nice hair.

He looks good bundled up.

He has cute friends to set up your other friends with maybe???

And his brother is Zac, so that would be a fun Thanksgiving table.

So basically: TWO HOT EFRONS!

Having fun going through the footage of road trippin with Dylan. More to come... #TestedTough