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Just Want To Let You Know That The Actress Who Played Stiffler's Mom Is Not Dead


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At exactly 10:04 PM last night, someone posed a very interesting question to Jennifer Coolidge (AKA Stiffler's mom and also Paulette from Legally Blonde). The question was, OK I feel awkward even repeating it buuuuuttt...did she know she was dead?

Has anyone told @JENCOOLIDGE that she's dead?


To prove that she was actually still alive and not really dead, she did a "bend and snap" in real life, on what appears to be Juliet's balcony.

RIP Jenn Coolidge (ps snapchat: jennifercoolidg) #bendandsnap #legallyblonde15

And BTW, I highly recommend following her on Twitter. Trust me.

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