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    Josh Duhamel And Dean Winters Play "Law Or Not A Law?"

    And now we've all learned a thing or two.

    Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters are the stars of the new show Battle Creek, where they play two detectives. They stopped by BuzzFeed and we decided to test their judicial knowledge by presenting them with the following 22 laws. Some are real, and some are fake. It was their job to determine the truth.

    IT'S TIME FOR...

    1. The law: You may not honk your horn outside of a sandwich shop past 9 PM In Arkansas.

    2. The law: You need a license to carry a concealed slingshot in Alaska.

    3. The law: You cannot sell Alcohol on Sundays in Connecticut.

    4. The law: Sex toys are illegal in Georgia.

    5. The law: Billboards are illegal in Hawaii

    6. The law: Women may not wear pants on Sundays in Kentucky.

    7. The law: Liquor stores may not sell milk in Indiana.

    8. The law: Palm reading is illegal in Iowa.

    9. The law: It is illegal to steal an alligator in Louisiana.

    10. The law: You may not pass off margarine for butter in New Jersey

    11. The law: You may not pass off margarine for butter in Wisconsin.

    12. The law: You are not allowed to curse or swear in Michigan

    13. The law: It is illegal to get married in Nebraska if you have gonorrhea.

    14. The law: It is illegal to ask for “extra guac” at Chipotles in New Mexico.

    15. The law: Closed-toed shoes must be worn within a mile of any Church in Utah.

    16. The law: In North Carolina you cannot play bingo for more than 5 hours, unless it’s at a fair.

    17. The law: It is illegal to pretend to see Brad Pitt in public in Oklahoma

    18. The law: In South Carolina, you must be 18 to use a pinball machine.

    19. The law: It is illegal to sell musical instruments on Sundays in South Carolina.

    20. The law: Making finger guns with your hand and going “pew-pew” and then blowing the smoke off the top of your fingers is illegal in Minnesota.

    21. The law: You may not dispose of your gum under tabletops in Texas.

    22. The law: All cheese in Wisconsin must be highly pleasing.

    The winner is....DEAN! With 10 correct answers. You'll get 'em next time Josh.

    Tune into Battle Creek when it premieres Sunday, March 1st at 10/9c on CBS.