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26 Jokes From "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" That Will Never Not Be Funny

It's a pyramid scheme.

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1. Frank's home egg:

2. Charlie's favorite hobby:

3. Frank's opinions on Dee's pantsuit:

4. The origin of the almonds:

5. The pyramid scheme:

6. Charlie's revelation:

7. Frank's mistake:

8. The pointed feet:

9. Mac and Dennis's never getting fooled:

10. Charlie's pear eating:

11. Frank's query:

12. Charlie's success with words:

13. Charlie's mistake with words:

14. Dee's standup:

15. Dennis and Dee's tequila decoy:

16. The chalk usage:

17. Fat Mac smiting the gang:

18. The Jobbie trees:

19. The neon sign confusion:

20. The mysterious ~spa~:

21. Mac's denial (and lack thereof):

22. The script confusion:

23. And the dimension confusion:

24. The cat theory:

25. The health insurance problem:

26. And the juggler. The good ol' juggler.