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    Posted on May 7, 2017

    29 Jokes From Arrested Development That Will Never Not Be Funny

    "He lost his left hand, so he's going to be all right."

    1. Lucille's breakfast request:

    2. Bob Loblaw's theory on crime:

    3. Gob's escape plan:

    4. Tobias's bus accessory:

    5. Oscar's lemon business plight:

    6. Lindsay's "trick":

    7. Lucille's true thoughts on Gob:

    8. This misunderstanding...

    9. ...and this one...

    10. ...and this one:

    11. Gob's shopping interaction:

    12. Maeby's necklace confusion:

    13. Lucille's egg price estimate:


    14. And her response to Michael's request:


    15. Tobias's unintentional confession:

    16. And the ol' dad leather predicament:

    17. Lucille Two's reflective thoughts:

    18. Tobias's comeback:

    19. Lindsay's epiphany:

    20. Gob's actual best illusion:

    21. Tobias's rough estimate on when his marriage got bad:

    22. Lucille's playful humor:

    23. And this accusation:

    24. Lindsay's famous ham water:

    25. Lucille's thought process...


    26. ...and her special way of mourning:


    27. Gob's compliment:

    28. When Tobias blue himself:

    29. And when brother-in-law became the most confusing term in the English language:

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