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Jodie Foster And Her Wife In Pajamas At The Golden Globes Was A Moment Made For The Lesbians

Abolutely perfect and gay!!!!!

Last night's Golden Globes were truly For The Gays™.

Feeling especially gay after seeing Jodie Foster’s speech followed by Gillian Anderson’s.

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Sorry straights, but us lesbians WON!!!!!! And all it took was Jodie Foster kissing her wife, Alexandra Hedison...

...while their dog got squished between them...

...all while they were in pajamas on the couch.


me when jodie foster kissed her wife

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And yes it already has historical significance!

jodie foster winning & kissing her wife = gay rights!!

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Not only was it a perfect display of a lovely lesbian couple.

But the extremely cute dog had a scarf that matched Jodie's pajamas.

The entire one minute and nine seconds while they were on the screen was aspirational.

jodie foster accepting her golden globe alongside her wife and dog... she has what i want

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I was like YEEEEEHAWWWW!!!!!!!!

Never thought I’d see the day when #JodieFoster was straight up lesbianning on my teevee

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And yes, keen-eyed lesbians, Jodie's wife IS, in fact, that lady from The L Word (and also Ellen Degeneres's ex)!

iconique that Jodie Foster is married to the scheming bisexual documentarian from the l word 🥲

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Thank you, Jodie and Alex, for being real and gay.

Jodie and Alex relaxing on the couch as they pet their adorable dog

In conclusion:


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A closeup of the dog's adorable face