Jimmy Fallon's NYC Apartment Is Absolutely Unreal, And It's For Sale For Only 15 Million Dollars

    I want to live there.

    At the start of the pandemic, Jimmy Fallon left the city for his Hamptons house, which — based on the indoor slide (among other things) — seemed like the kind of house a kid would dream of living in as an adult.

    But it turns out that his apartment in Manhattan is also bonkers in a good/ridiculous way. And it's for sale for 15 million dollars, NBD.

    His Manhattan home has six bedrooms and five full bathrooms

    Okay, so first of all, the apartment is actually several apartments combined into one giganto apartment, and it's three floors.

    There's a saloon on the top floor.

    The saloon has a stone fireplace and rustic decor

    I didn't even know saloons were still a thing, but this one has a giant bar, a poker table, and basically looks like a lodge at a fancy ski resort.

    This is the kitchen.

    It's huge.

    And there's a painting of Adam Sandler on the wall.

    This is the pantry, which is full of soup and soda, and there's a tiny little door, but I don't know where it leads.

    The tiny door has a sign that says "pick your orders here"

    This is the living room with a couch I would happily die on.

    The L-shaped couch spans three walls

    Here's one of the bathrooms. Also would die happily here.

    A large deep tub

    And the apartment also features a hidden door that goes to the kids' playroom.

    The hidden door is under the staircase which has built-in shelving with knick knacks displayed

    The listing states that the playroom is "equipped with monkey bars, secret hatch doors, a chalkboard wall, and a 'jailhouse intercom' to the upstairs playroom." COOOOOOL.

    Basically, I need someone to lend me $14,999,950. Thanks to realtor.com for bringing this to my attention. You can see the rest of the listing/pictures of the apartment here.