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Jim And Jeannie Gaffigan Find Out How Well They Know Each Other

Cheeseburgers for all!

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As you can see from the above photos, Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan are a loving couple. The two not only live and raise five children together, but they are co-writers and executive producers of the new TV Land show The Jim Gaffigan Show. The two stopped by BuzzFeed to play the not-so-Newlywed Game, in which we test how well they know each other. Here's how they fared.

Jim Gaffigan: I had cheeseburger but then I changed it!

Jeannie Gaffigan: That kind of counts.

Jim: It's fluid.


Jim: I said "salmon or something gross." So, cheeseburger? Really?

Jeannie: You know that! When was the last time I had salmon?

Jim: I don't know, sometimes you'll get salmon, or mussels, or something weird.

Jeannie: I don't know where to begin.

Jim: That's a good point. I didn't think of that.

What does he do?

Jim: Nicorette.

Jeannie: He wads it up and sticks it places.

Like at restaurants?

Jeannie: No, at our house.

Jim: It's Nicorette!

Jeannie: But it's gum! He puts it in a ball and, like, puts it on the table.

Jim: It's either that or heroin!

Jeannie: The constant eating, that's also pretty irritating. But it's been pretty great for our career.


Jeannie: Talking and complaining are similar. I'm always like, "It's freezing in here!" And he's like, "You're always complaining!" The worst thing to hear is that you're always complaining.

Jim: I mean, I did that once.

Jeannie: You say that all the time.

Jim: Essentially!

Jeannie: Well, this was in a book. He wrote essentially like 900 times in one chapter.

Jim: Essentially the hot dog is essentially my favorite food because essentially—

Jeannie: That's in writing. This [clocked] is what you say.


Jim: One word? Yourhorriblejim [sic]

Jeannie: No, I've never said that. This one, though. Everything is amazing. But you don't know you're doing it until after you watch yourself on TV and anything good is amazing.

Jim: Because Shaggy and Scooby, they're always eating too.

Jeannie: That's interesting.

Jim: We haven't gotten one right.


Jim: Oh, that's very similar!

Jeannie: They are in the same show!

Jim: I said the desk in my office. She's like, "The desk! The desk is always covered."

Jeannie: I always clean it, we have a big table—

Jim: How dare you have a computer on your desk!

Jeannie: He empties out his pockets. But also we're like, "No! Fast-forward, pause!"


Jim: A restaurant!

Jim: I did, I wanted to be a farmer.

What happened?

Jim: I was in, like, eighth grade. Growing things felt so good.


Jim: She only needs four hours of sleep.

Jeannie: Everyone knows that, though.

Jim: That's insane. That's some Napoleon shit.

Jeannie: Well, that could all happen together!

Watch Jim in The Jim Gaffigan Show when it premieres July 15 at 10/9 C on TV Land.