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Jennifer Lawrence Got "Homeland" Spoiled For Her While Being Introduced To Brody Himself

And she was PISSED. As she should be.

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Background: Jennifer Lawrence was on the SAG Awards red carpet when two reporters decided to forcefully introduce her to Damian Lewis — who plays Brody on Homeland — because she was fangirling so hard and they were standing right by each other. After saying that she's only seen the first two seasons, the reporters — without hesitation and no concern, might I add — end up just GIVING AWAY THE ENTIRE THIRD SEASON. Jennifer reacts appropriately and we all suffer through the pain of spoilee syndrome with her.

Warning: This clip will also spoil Homeland Season 3 for you if you haven't seen it. Major SPOILER ALERT. THE SPOILIEST OF SPOILS.

Here are gifs with no spoilers, just the reactions:

The moment the spoiler was revealed:

Damian being the only one to realize that they should not have done that:

Jennifer Lawrence literally not being able to handle what just happened:

Shaun Robinson thinking what she's done is "FUNNY."

And Jennifer Lawrence calling her the monster that she is as she continues to laugh.

h/t Vulture.

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