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Jared Leto Defies All Aging Logic As The Sexiest 42-Year-Old Man On Earth

Apparently he does not physically age.

Jared Leto is a 42-year-old man who LOOKS LIKE THIS.

This is the naked and wet body of a 42-year-old:

This is the half-naked body of that same man:

He should win an award for person most likely to travel BACK IN TIME.

Because this man is a beauty.

An actual chiseled statue made of marble and stone.

He has the complexion of a teen (who skipped over the acne phase).

His body is like Benjamin Button's when he was 78, so like, a 22-year-old's normal body.


But back to his chestal region.

It's impressive.

REMEMBER THAT HE'S 42, so he's almost 50, which is halfway to 100.

And what almost 100-year-old do you know who looks like this???!!

No one, that's who.

Yet he can still haul a canoe.

And row a canoe.

And walk around without a cane.

But enough about his agility.

He's just plain hot.

And so is his tiny bubble butt.

And the front of him:

And also still hot when he's doing this:

So here's to Jared Leto, anti-ager and general hottie.