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    Jane Lynch Guesses Our Badly Drawn Celebrity Art

    Please welcome to the stage the maybe-not-so-amateur art critic Jane Lynch.

    Jane Lynch is a singer, actress, and, apparently, connoisseur of the arts. Lynch hosts Hollywood Game Night, where they play a game called "Lil Picassos," in which the celebrity contestants guess the subject of a portrait painted by child. So when Jane stopped by BuzzFeed, we also asked her to guess the subjects in paintings of celebrities — except instead of children doing the painting, BuzzFeed staff members did. This is our art, and these are her guesses.

    First up, there's this lovely piece of art:

    Jane Lynch: At the beach. Blonde hair? I don't know, give me a clue.

    Maybe she's in Ibiza or something.

    JL: Oh, is it Paris Hilton?

    Yes, it's Paris Hilton.

    JL: What does she do other than hold her dog at the beach?

    Next up, this Picasso:

    JL: Is that that guy, dumps, diners and...


    JL: Guy Fiori...Fieri!

    It's Guy Fieri.

    JL: He's a little tan there.

    Next one was this work of art:

    JL: Wow, whatever it is, it's really good. I don't know...give me some clues.

    Look at the eyes.

    JL: Blue.

    Around the eyes maybe?

    JL: Oh, the circles. Is this, um, with the yellow teeth... Is this Steve Buscemi?

    Yes, it's Steve Buscemi.

    JL: Yes, he's in need of some Whitestrips, but it has not hurt his career!

    Now for this one:

    JL: Is that me?!


    JL: I look like such a dyke there — thanks, Spencer! I almost said Ellen. Although then that's a terrible thing to say; I'm not calling her that.

    Up next was this impressive piece:

    JL: Oh this is very good. Is this Katy Perry?


    JL: But she has blonde hair. Britney Spears?

    Focus on the dress.

    JL: Give me a clue.

    It's made of meat...

    JL: What? Oh, it's a meat dress! Lady Gaga.

    Correct! It's Lady Gaga.

    JL: Look at the attitude in that picture! Who did this? Give them my kudos.

    This beautiful piece was next:

    JL: Coachella 2015. This might be out of my reference level.

    She's a teen.

    JL: She's a teen? Give me something else.

    She's part of a very large reality TV family.

    JL: Oh, is that the Kardashians?

    Or the...

    JL: A Jenner? Kylie Jenner.

    You got it — it's Kylie Jenner.

    JL: Good guess! Is she known for her lip injections? Who's dating Harry what's-his-name?

    Styles? Well, Kendall Jenner used to.

    JL: I have a crush on him. I have a lesbo crush on him. I really do.

    And last but certainly not least:

    JL: That's Kim Kardashian.

    Correct, it's Kim K!

    JL: Kevin Smith, good job. Oh my god, look at the little hint of the nip! And the butt, and right, she's pouring champagne down her butt, right? God bless her.

    Season 3 of Hollywood Game Night premieres Tuesday, July 7, at 10 p.m. ET/9 CT.