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    I'm LOLing 'Cause Jamie Lee Curtis Put A Piece Of Popcorn In Her Ear Instead Of An AirPod

    AirCorn. PopPod.

    Digestive Health Queen Jamie Lee Curtis made me laugh today because of this picture.

    She thought she was putting an AirPod in her ear.

    Jamie Lee says "So I'm definitely over this whole isolation thing. I picked up my ear pod and put it in my ear and was trying to figure out why I couldn't hear" popcorn emoji
    Jamie Lee Curtis / Instagram: @curtisleejamie

    But it was popcorn.

    Jamie Lee Curtis / Instagram: @curtisleejamie

    Obviously, it did not connect to her device, because it's POPCORN!!!!!!!!

    Jamie Lee Curtis / Instagram: @curtisleejamie

    I don't blame her, they are both little white things.


    In fact, I love her more for putting popcorn in her ear. However, I am WORRIED WHERE THE AIRPOD WENT. Bye.

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