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    It's Simple, Here Are Pics Of Harry Styles Walking Around In Cute Sweatpants And Slicked Back Hair

    Love this look.

    Major movie star Harry Styles is going to be in a new movie called Don't Worry Darling, and here is a picture of him walking around on set.

    Harry walking on set and holding a face mask up to his face

    Not only is he wearing cute sweatpants...

    ...but his hair is slicked back. Just like I said in the headline.

    And yeah, I'm gonna paraphrase Cady Heron right now and say this: his hair looks good slicked back!

    Closeup of Harry's hair

    Look at that lil' part!

    Mr. Suave in a mask!

    This movie must be about having good hair or something, because Chris Pine was also on set, and check out those beautiful locks!!

    Chris Pine wearing sunglasses and a face mask on set with his hair parted down the middle.

    I love to see it!! Bye.