Is That Actually Justin Bieber Sitting On A Bench Eating A Burrito Sideways Or Not? An Investigation

    We must look at the evidence.

    Earlier today a haunted image was released unto the internets via this tweet:

    does....justin bieber not know how... burritos work ?

    Twitter: @ryanbassil

    The tweeter claimed it was Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways. The results of this claim were ground-trembling. Media outlet after media outlet started to report about the image that must not be named. Eater said something.

    SB Nation went in.

    Even the East Meadow location of the fast casual restaurant Qdoba publicly spoke about it.

    But, something inside me just wasn't sitting right about this picture. Is that really Justin Bieber eatin' a sideways burrito? Or have we been duped? It is time to investigate and get to the truth.

    I realize that people will point out some similarities. I will admit that Burrito Bieber at a glance looks like real Bieber, dresses kind like real Bieber and also has a very similar thinly-haired mustache like real Bieber.

    does....justin bieber not know how... burritos work ?

    BUT! We must look at all sides.

    First: The hair. Burrito Bieber has what looks like very well- maintained bleach blonde hair.

    And in this photo of real Bieber that I found from only a couple of weeks ago, you can see that his hair is not bleach blonde, but more of a dirty blonde. In fact I looked at many photos (it's work people!!) and his hair has never been that white-blonde.

    Next, let's talk about the hands. Burrito Bieber's hands have long nail beds with that white half moon thing happening near the cuticles.

    Once again, I got photo of real bieber and here his hands can be seen pretty clearly. But let me zoom anyway.

    As you can see, the nail beds are shorter, and his knuckles are wider. No judgement, just facts. He has great hands, I'm just trying to prove a point.

    Next let's take a look at the eyebrows. Burrito Bieber has shaped eyebrows that are thinner towards the temple.

    Now, I'm sure at one point real Bieber's eyebrows were more groomed, but now they are bushier and less plucked. These eyebrows are just not the same!!

    And just for kicks, let's talk about this bracelet that Burrito Bieber is wearing. I see a lot of religious figures on it, which would make sense for real Bieber, he is religious!

    However, after much research into photos taken of real Bieber, I noticed that I've never seen this bracelet on him before. His wrists are almost always bare! See? Nuthin:




    Now that we've looked at all the evidence, it's time to close the investigation. I, as the detective, lawyer, jury AND judge in this case will make my ruling.

    To me, personally, in my opinion, just thinkin', Idk, maybe, but probably, who can say for sure buttttt, that ain't the real Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways! I believe it's a look-alike. However, I have no doubt that the real Bieber wouldn't eat a burrito like that anyway. OK BYE!