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Is Monica Aldama, The Coach Of The Navarro Cheer Team, Proud Of You?

IS SHE?!?!

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  1. You're practicing stunts and someone falls. Who is it?

  2. Are you hitting it today?

  3. You're going full-out today. Is that okay?

  4. Wait! Did you friggin' compete with another team yesterday and now your back hurts, and you can't perform to the best of your ability even though you're going full-out today?

  5. How many concussions have you had?

  6. Are your TOES POINTED???????

  7. Shit just hit the fan. You've gotta do it again.

  8. The basket tosses looked like shit and the pyramid still isn't there. What are you gonna do?

  9. You didn't make MAT. What's your next move?

  10. It's a week before Daytona and someone falls and breaks both their legs. Can you step in?

  11. Did you make your bed this morning?

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