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Is Joe Jonas Becoming The Hottest Jonas Brother?

An investigation.

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I've brought you here because there's something serious going on. After some recent photos shared on the World Wide Web, it is my belief that Joe Jonas is looking to become the hottest Jonas brother.

Up until now it's pretty much known that since the day after he turned 18, Nick was arguably the hottest JoBro (sorry, Kevin).

Instagram: @nickjonas

I mean, he posts shit like this!!

Instagram: @nickjonas

BUT after a brief investigation, it is my belief that Joe Jonas is coming back for the title that he held previous to Nick's growth spurt. Come, walk with me.

First of all, Joe is in a new band and posing with his new bandmates with NO SHIRT ON. Additionally, in this picture you can see all of Joe's 38 abs. / Joe Jonas

Not to mention there's this Instagram that Joe uploaded. Even though there's a really nice-looking pool and a giant cutout of Shaq's face, you can still only see said abs. / Joe Jonas

I don't even need to zoom! But whatever, I will. / Joe Jonas

There's also this not-so-subtle pic of Joe showing off his back muscles. / Joe Jonas

And this one of him boxing. I see arms!! I SEE ARMS!! / Joe Jonas

Already it's pretty obvious that Joe is making a #1 JoBro comeback. But let's continue anyway.

There's this mirror pic. You only take mirror pics if you are trying to be hotter than your other hot bro!! / Joe Jonas

And then there's this one. It's in black and white, which means it's sexier than other pics. / Joe Jonas

Also, just because this is an investigation and when you're investigating things you need proof and sources and stuff, there's this pic (he's on the right, you can tell by the eyebrows). / Joe Jonas

And then finally, there's this. / Joe Jonas

These. / Joe Jonas

That. / Joe Jonas

And dis. / Joe Jonas

In conclusion: Is Joe Jonas the new hottest Jonas Brother? IDK, maybe I should have enlisted a straight girl to help with this investigation! BUT it's up to you to judge based off of all the evidence I've shown you here. GOODNIGHT!

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