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Updated on Nov 6, 2019. Posted on Mar 21, 2017

Is It Weird That Cher And Josh Ended Up Together In "Clueless" Or Not?

Let's settle this.

If you are a human born before 2010, you've seen Clueless. Which means you know all about Josh and Cher.

But in case you don't, here are the FACTS.

Josh's mom was married to Cher's dad. They were married about five years prior to the start of the film.

That means at one point, Cher and Josh became stepsiblings.

But then between that time and the start of the movie, Josh's mom and Cher's dad got divorced, and thus Josh and Cher became ex-stepsiblings.

In the movie, Josh is visiting home from college and comes to help Cher's dad with some work.

Cher's dad mentions that he hasn't seen him since Easter.

Mel: Josh, are you still growing? You look taller than you did at Easter.

Josh: I don't think so.

Mel: Doesn't he look bigger?

Cher: His head does.

Ok, now that we know the facts, this is what happens next:

Cher and Josh end up together at the end of the movie.

Like, making out and all happy and shit.

Apparently they are in love.

Which leads me to one question: IS IT WEIRD OR NOT?

  1. You decide. Was it weird for Josh and Cher to get together?

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You decide. Was it weird for Josh and Cher to get together?
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    Yes, it was weird. It's kind of incestuous.
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    No, it's not weird. THEY ARE NOT RELATED AT ALL.
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    It's kinda weird but doesn't matter cause it's Paul Rudd.

I look forward to hearing what you all have to say. Thank you and good day!

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