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    Indisputable Proof That Ben Stiller Has Turned Into A Stone Cold Fox

    Don't hold back your feelings, it's OK to be attracted to Ben Stiller.

    At some point in Ben Stiller's life he went from being just a funny guy...

    Ben Gabbe / Getty Images


    Matthias Vriens-McGrath /

    It was surprising.

    Getty Images

    Shocking almost.

    He has aged like a block of cheese. The kind of cheese that tastes better as it gets older and more mature.

    The kind of cheese you want to sit with at a basketball game.

    Getty Images

    The kind of cheese you want to row a boat with.


    Maybe you weren't ready to experience this rush of feelings you suddenly had for the cheese.

    Was this OK? Was it normal?? Am I alone in my thoughts and feelings? These were the questions you asked yourself at night.

    Matthias Vriens-McGrath /

    And the answer is yes, it's OK. Yes It's normal. And no, you are not alone.

    Just look at him in this tiny boat.

    Fameflynet Pictures

    And wearing these glasses:

    And paddle boarding with a headband pushing his silver hair back.

    Fameflynet Pictures

    When his hair is long/scruffy things get even more intense.

    Getty Images

    Is it possible that this is the same man...

    Getty Images this man?

    Take a seat, because yes, it's possible. It's the truth. It's REALITY. THIS IS LIFE.

    Matthias Vriens-McGrath /

    Let's not forget about the presence of his bulging muscles.

    Which gleam and glisten like they are lighting up a dark room.


    And his skirt only helps to enhance his physique.


    And finally, he's the pancake guy. And Pancake guys are always hot.

    The End. Case Closed. Evidence Proved.

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