Forget What You Thought You Knew, Martha Stewart Loves Uber Now

    Everything comes full circle.

    I don't know if you remember, but in the good ol' days of November 2018, Martha Stewart took her very first Uber ride.

    And if you read past the first line of her caption you'd have found out that she was not pleased with it!! She said the car was a mess (see: leaves)...

    ...and that the ride took too long. Basically, Martha was NOT HAPPY!!


    Because as of today, Martha is the star of a new Uber ad. She posted it to her instagram.

    And now she's all into Uber!!!

    And, ANDDDDDD, she has deleted her previous post ranting about her first shitty Uber ride!!

    Poof. Gone! Like she never took that expensive sub-par ride in the first place! I saved the pics though, so it will always exist in my life.

    Honestly, I applaud her. She turned water into wine. Bruised bananas into banana bread! Uber came-a-crawling and she was like, sure I'll DJ for you.

    Now her closing line in her old post makes everything so much clearer. She DOES want Uber to succeed. And she's gettin $$$$$$ FOR IT!!!

    An iconic business model! Lean in amirite!?