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    Taylor Swift's Transformation Into A Guy For Her "The Man" Music Video Is So Intense And Impressive

    She is the man.

    Have you seen Taylor Swift's music video for "The Man"? Well spoiler alert, in it she's "The Man."

    Like, she's this man.

    Who is also this man.

    This man.

    This man.

    And also this man standing next to the real Taylor. CGI IS COOL.

    I'm obsessed. At first, it was almost hard to tell if it was Taylor under the makeup or not. But luckily for us, it was 100% confirmed at the end, when we got to see her transformation.

    She went from bald Taylor... Taylor covered in weird stuff... Taylor with her new butt chin.


    The eyebrows flew away.

    There was a MAN INCOMING.

    There she was with her new MAN HAIR.

    And MAN BEARD.

    And finally, a suit and tie... and BROWN CONTACTS, and there she was. She's The Man.

    Look at that range!!!

    I congratulate her on her many Oscars to come.