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    I'm Da-Heddd At This Video Of Kris Jenner Trying To Use Instagram Live But Completely Failing

    A true mom!!!

    Kris Jenner loves to support her paychecks — I MEAN CHILDREN!!!!

    And I'm truly ded at this video of Kris attempting to Instagram live at Kim's Christmas party and literally not being able to.

    kris jenner missing kim’s entire speech while she tries to figure out how to use IG live is my new favorite thing

    She turns it on to start it.

    But the camera is facing HER...

    Love this.

    Then the comments start rolling in, and Kris' fingers are dancing all around trying to turn the camera around.

    But more goes wrong and the screen turns white.

    Then it goes black.

    And then she's like "help meeeeee" to her friend.

    And then finally she got the camera facing the right direction, but Kim's speech was over. At least she got the singing part.


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