If Any Of These Pics Remind You Of Your Childhood, Then It's Time To Get Your AARP Card And Call A Back Doctor ('Cause You're Old)

    Fact: The '90s was 85 years ago.

    1. Titanic split into two VHS tapes because it was too long for just one:

    Titanic VHS tapes

    2. That singing bass:

    Big Mouth Billy Bass

    3. Trix yogurt:

    Trix yogurt

    4. The incomparable deliciousness of Kid Cuisine:

    Kid Cuisine meal

    5. The holy Aggro Crag trophy light:

    Nickelodeon trophy

    6. Programs-->Accessories-->Games-->the four games your life revolved around:

    Old Windows menu bar

    7. And the best one of them all:

    A Windows game

    8. The sticky glow-stars that covered your bedroom ceiling:

    Glow-in-the-dark stars

    9. Protection for your Nokia:

    Nokia phone covers

    10. The unnecessarily scary warning at the start of all your tapes:

    An FBI warning

    11. The most valuable laminated card in existence:

    A Blockbuster membership card

    12. Subway sandwiches but cut in the "v" shape, not just sliced in half:

    Subway sandwiches

    13. Those fiber-optic lamps:

    A fiber-optic lamp

    14. Being terrified to wake daddy:

    The Don't Wake Daddy game

    15. The speakers that soothed your soul when they clicked on and the light turned green:

    Old computer speakers

    16. CD burn settings:

    CD burn settings

    17. Hit Clips:

    Hit Clips

    18. The built-in phone on the back of every plane seat:

    A plane seat phone

    19. MapQuest print-outs:

    MapQuest directions

    20. Stellaluna, the book:

    "Stellaluna" book

    21. The Campbell's soup ad with the snowman who melts into the kid:

    Screenshot from the Campbell's soup commercial

    22. The Gameboy worm light for playing in the dark:

    A Gameboy worm light

    23. Stick Stickly:

    Stick Stickly

    24. Those Nickelodeon bouncy shoes:

    Nickelodeon bouncy shoes

    25. The short-lived Snapple Rain:

    Snapple Rain bottles

    26. Wave Race, the second best game for N64.

    Wave Race video game

    27. Holes, the BOOK:

    "Holes" by Louis Sachar

    28. A collection of plastic tape boxes:

    A stack of VHS tapes

    29. The OG Photoshop:


    30. Tubthumper:

    Tubthumper CD

    31. The strawberry cheesecake snack bars, may they rest in peace:

    Strawberry cheesecake snack bars

    32. Angry Beavers:

    Angry Beavers

    33. Candy Cigarettes that looked like legitimate packs of cigarettes:

    Candy cigarettes

    34. Encarta:

    Encarta Encyclopedia

    35. Squeezit juices:

    Squeezit juices

    36. Lollipop Paint Shop:

    Lillipop Paint Shop

    37. Cases full of CDs:

    A case full of CDs

    38. Frozen Minute Maid:

    Frozen Minute Maid

    39. Spacemaker pencil cases:

    A Spacemaker pencil box

    40. Olmec and his glowing red eyes:

    Olmec statue behind a host with a microphone

    41. And finally, Doodle Bears, the original Doodle Bears:

    Doodle Bears