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If The Cast Of "Friends" Were Frenemies

Rachel would secretly hate Monica, but pretend to be her friend.

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1. The one where Monica gets a new job and Rachel says "I'm SO happy for you!!!" but then tells Joey that Monica doesn't really deserve it.

2. The one where Monica compliments Phoebe's new skirt and then whispers to Rachel "that skirt looks like the bottom of a toothbrush holder. "

3. The one where Chandler tells everyone that he thinks baby Emma is ugly.

4. The one where Joey secretly invites Janice to Chandler and Monica's wedding.

5. The one where Phoebe and Ross text each other heart emojis and then throw their phones at the wall and grunt loudly.

6. The one where Rachel brings a new guy to the coffee shop and Phoebe says that she's soOoOOooo happy for Rachel and then starts messaging that guy on Facebook behind Rachel's back.


7. The one where Joey tells Chandler that butter is actually healthy for him and he should eat more of it on everything.

8. The one where Phoebe buys Rachel a purse from last season but tells her it's from this season.

9. The one where Rachel arrives at the coffee shop and Monica says, "Yay, you're here!" and then turns to Chandler and rolls her eyes.

10. The one where Monica tells Rachel she looks tired but, like, in the best way because exhaustion is so cool right now!

11. The one where Rachel makes Monica her bridesmaid but gives her the ugliest dress.

12. The one where Rachel tells Monica she's the best and then Monica says to Rachel, "No, YOU'RE the best," but neither of them mean it and then they hug painfully.

13. The one where Rachel invites everyone over for dinner but conveniently forgets Phoebe is vegan and serves everyone meat and Phoebe eats only bread the whole night.

14. The one where Ross doesn't get a promotion and Chandler is secretly happy that he didn't then suggests he just "quit his job and like, travel abroad to find himself."

15. The one where Monica and Phoebe are trying on clothes and Monica asks Phoebe if she "likes this dress" and Phoebe says she doesn't LOVE it and then goes back to the store two days later and gets the dress for herself.

16. The one where Phoebe starts a text group but "forgets" to invite Chandler.

17. The one where in Phoebe's text group she sends a picture of Chandler that he uploaded to Facebook and calls him a "hot mess."

18. The one where Monica says to Rachel, "I LOVE your new haircut" and then texts Phoebe, "Rachel's haircut is ugly lmfao."

19. The one where Ross instagrams a picture of Rachel throwing up after drinking too much with a winky emoji as the caption.

20. The one where Rachel calls Monica "a biotch" — but meant bitch.

21. The one where Phoebe and Joey quietly look at each other and smile but inside they are screaming.

22. The one where Monica goes platinum blonde and Rachel tells her that she totally pulls it off.

23. The one where Joey keeps tagging Rachel in pictures that she has untagged.

24. The one where Rachel leaks nudes of Ross.

25. The one where Phoebe announces she's engaged and then Monica announces SHE'S engaged and that they're getting married this weekend and the wedding is in France!!

26. The one where Rachel replaces Monica's shampoo with Nair.

27. The one where Monica tells Chandler he looks good in overalls.

28. The one where Chandler tells Joey that in every Tinder picture he should wear a fedora because girls LOVE that.

29. The one where Joey and Ross show up to a party in the same outfit and say, "AW CUTE, best friends think alike!" but then run to the bathroom, look in the mirror and say, "I HATE THAT GUY."

30. The one where Rachel eats a whole plate of fries and says, "I'm soooo bad" and Phoebe says, "No you're not!" but Phoebe is actually thinking Rachel IS so bad. Like, SO, SO BAD.

31. The one where Phoebe kills them all.