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    IDK What To Do With All The Feelings I Have About Tom Hardy Shaking Hands With A Security Dog At The "Venom" Premiere

    I cry.

    Ladies and germs, I am VERKLEMPT.

    My insides are bubbling up and my heart nearly hurts with love because of this photo of Tom Hardy shaking his hand with this dog's paw at the premiere of Venom.

    The #VenomMovie premiere goes to the dogs as Tom Hardy says hi to security.

    I'm...tempestuous (it means full of emotion, I used a thesaurus) over this image.

    First of all Tom Hardy and the security dog are literally staring into each other's eyes like they have seen the light and reached nirvana.

    Sidenote — I'm pretty sure this dog legit knows that he is shaking paws with Tom Hardy.

    Anyway. Tom's left hand rests upon the dog's cheek delicately.

    His right hand grips the paw of le goode boye firmly but adoringly, and it gives me comfort for once in this dark, dark, world.

    Basically, this pic has made me emo and goth again. It's like I'm back in high school! And I love it.