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    I Went To The Taylor Swift "1989" Show Featuring Haim, And Experienced Enlightenment

    Everything is so clear now.

    Hi, I'm Lauren. I'm a devout Haimsbian, and Swiftie. I'm here to tell you the story of how I went to the 1989 Tour in East Rutherford, New Jersey, at MetLife Stadium on July 10, 2015, and had a religious experience. It was there that I became a Swaimster. (One who follows only the teachings of Haim and Taylor Swift.)

    My story begins months ago, when I was still only 25 years old. Taylor Swift announced that on the New York–New Jersey leg of her 1989 tour, Haim would be opening for her. When I heard this, I yelled out to the sky, "TAKE ME TO CHURCH!" (church being the stadium this would be happening at) and then weeped happy invisible tears. This event would be the coming-together of two of my favorite albums of the past 10 years (Haim's Days Are Gone and Swift's 1989).

    I HAD TO GO.


    I DID GO.

    This is my story.

    8:25-ish p.m.: Haim appears onstage.

    A few things happen when your favorite band in the world takes the stage. One, you forget how to breathe. Two, you turn into a puddle of mush and can't form words anymore.

    Since obviously most people were at the show to see Taylor Swift, it was still that time of the night when people are going to the bathroom and getting hot dogs and waiting in line for the $12 cans of beer. But not me. As I mentioned, I'm a Haimsbian. I WAS THERE TO SEE HAIM. As they worked their way through "Don't Save Me" and "The Wire," I stood playing air drums and taking shitty-quality videos to send to my friends.

    Sometime between 8:30 and 8:45 p.m. Haim plays "Pray to God."

    For some reason I did not think they would play "Pray to God." BUT THEY DID. This resulted in my first death of the night. Cats have nine lives, and you know who else does? APPARENTLY ME. As this was happening my ovaries were shaking and my heart was pounding. I was on my way to nirvana.

    8:39-ish p.m.: Este's bass face makes a beautiful appearance.

    It was at this moment I knew a higher being was by my side. LOOK AT THAT FACE.


    At this point in the night the heavens had already opened up, and my body was being lifted into some other dimension. My heart was swelling, but not like in a mysterious illness kind of way. Just in a "WOW HAIM IS LITERALLY PERFORMING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME" kind of way.

    Sometime before 9 p.m. but later than 8:45 p.m.: Danielle Haim does stuff with her guitar and makes faces.

    I have had a very serious crush on Danielle Haim for quite some time. I expect that in a few years we will be married and have cute little kids who play the drums and wear Levi's. But until then I basically have to be OK with just seeing her perform on stage.

    It was around 8:50 that I decided this stadium at that very moment was my place of worship, and I never wanted to leave.

    Sometime around 9 p.m.: Haim plays their final song, "Let Me Go."

    I'd seen Haim play twice before (because if it's not clear, I love them) and they finished with "Let Me Go" each time, so I had a feeling this was the end. I prepped myself for the sadness I'd feel once it was over. But until that came, it was pure euphoria.

    They do this magical thing with the drums, where they all play them, but like...REALLY GOOD. As this was happening my body was literally being lifted into a higher place. Imagine eating a doughnut with the health benefits of a salad. THAT'S HOW GOOD IT WAS.

    9–9:25 p.m.:

    Haim had just ended, and I was feeling empty and alone. I already missed Danielle, Alana, and Este. So I decided to walk off my post-Haim depression by going to get some wine and food. I spent $20 on pinot grigio. When I went to get fries, they were out. OUT OF FRIES. It was a travesty. I settled on a chicken kabob and asked for a "side of lettuce." Then I made my way back to my seat to get ready for Taylor.

    Echoes: *Taylor, Taylor, Taylor*

    9:30: Gigi Hadid and friends walk briskly to their seats.

    At 9:30, right before the show starts, Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge, Karlie Kloss, and Nat Wolff walk right by our section on the way to their seats. I scream and grab my friend's arm. Taylor's squad was here. My body felt warm.


    My post-Haim sadness quickly subsided when Taylor came onstage. Obviously Haim is ALWAYS in my heart, but it was now time to experience a different kind of religious awakening. She began with "Welcome to New York." We were in New York (well, kind of). It was special. It was divine. It was the start of the intervening of divineness.

    Sometime after 9:35:

    By now I've kind of lost track of time. The night became a blur because TOO MANY GOOD THINGS had already happened. I was lost in a sea of Swifties and parents of Swifties, metaphorically of course. *Literally* I knew exactly where I was: standing in my seat and every so often eating a piece of my chicken kabob.

    10:11–10:38 p.m.: "Sweating."

    According to my notes, at 10:11 p.m. I was "sweating." This is either because it was really hot, or because I was being propelled by an external force to Taylor salvation, and maybe it was also really hot there.

    10:38 p.m.: "More dead."

    I also wrote in my notes that at 10:38 Taylor was singing "You're in Love" and I was "more dead."

    What I was seeing when I was "more dead":

    Beautiful, heavenly lights illuminated the stadium. The lights were actually attached to everyone's wrists. They pulsed when we sang back to her, our goddess.

    Sometime after 10:38: TAYLOR IS ON TOP OF ME.

    One of the most important parts of the show came when Taylor sang "Clean" and started slowly spinning on this big platform thing. She ended up hovering approximately 3 feet above me. A few times in the night I had experienced a higher being, but this was by far the highest and most being-est part of the night.


    A bunch of other holy things that happened:

    ・Heidi Klum walked the runway during "Style."

    ・So did the Women's National Soccer Team, and Abby Wambach proved to be the best flag holder that has ever existed.

    ・Taylor talked to the crowd about love and stuff, and I felt a deep connection to her.


    11:33 p.m.: Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge, and Hailee Steinfeld head back to their seats after "Bad Blood."

    They walk so close to me that I can literally feel the wind in my face as they strut by. LITERAL ANGELS just brushed passed me. I take a burst of about 100 photos, and one comes out decent looking. This is that one. I'm going to frame it.

    The Ending.

    A bunch of songs were played, and now, at nearly midnight, the show is coming to a close with "Shake It Off." Taylor and her dancers are spinning fast on the elevated platform. I think back on the past few hours and try to take it all in. I went there a normal human girl, but left a Swaimster.


    All photos/videos/gifs were taken by me.