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    Here's A Brief Tour Of Kylie Jenner's Extremely Bougie Bunk Room

    A bunk room fit for queens.

    Today, my friend Jen was like, hey, did you see Kylie Jenner's bunk room on her Insta story?

    And I responded "no!!" because I hadn't. But I have a thing for bunk rooms, so I immediately went to check it out.

    And let me tell you, the very quick tour of the room got my blood pumpin'!

    This bunk room has SIX (!!!!!) QUEEN-SIZED beds in it.

    I'm personally obsessed with queen-sized bunk beds. They are cool.

    Also, each bed has 37 pillows on it. Plus, they look soft.

    And each bunk pod has a conveniently placed outlet for phone charging. The important stuff!

    Besides that, every bed nook has its own personal flat-screen TV!!!

    That means 12 adults can sleep in this room and each pair of humans can watch their own thing on TV. Not sure how the volume sharing works, though.

    Anyway, I've decided I want to live in this bunk room. THAT'S ALL! BYE!