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    I'm So Embarrassed But Somehow I Just Learned That A Full Chicken Wing Is Composed Of The Two Different Shapes Of Wings

    Knowledge is power!

    Okay, you know how when you order a bucket of chicken wings (no offense to vegans), it comes with two different shapes of "wings"?

    Like, these two shapes.

    One is flat.

    And the other is like a lil' bb drumstick.

    Well, up until last week I didn't know that these two shapes are actually CONNECTED until the restaurant or butcher people separate them. And now I want you to know, so you don't make a big giant fool of yourself like I did at the neighborhood barbecue.

    Let me explain. The two differently shaped wings actually make up one real, official wing. See below:

    All that's happening before you eat them is that the two shapes get separated into their own beings.

    AKA the "flat" and the drumette.

    So really when you order a big pile o' wings at a restaurant, each "wing" you're eating is technically only HALF of a wing. So...really you can eat double the amount of wings you were going to eat!!

    Unless you get this type of wing, which is a full wing and consists of both parts still together.

    So there you go. Now you know I'm an idiot, or perhaps you've learned something new just like I did. Either way, feel free to be mean in the comments over chicken wings.