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    I Love How Much Other Celebrities Love How Much Reese Witherspoon And Her Body Double Look Alike

    "Wow!" - Julianne Moore

    Ok so lots of actors have body doubles on movies and TV shows to stand in for them and what not. It's a thing, but we rarely get to see those body doubles.

    However, Reese Witherspoon decided to introduce her body double to the world. Her name is Marilee and as you can see...they look alike!!!!

    And I'm not just blowin' smoke up their butts! I'm serious..they really look alike! AVA PHILLIPPE WHO?

    And while I am very impressed with their facial similarities and apparent long working relationship, what I actually love most about this is that other famous people are so amazed!

    Julianne Moore thinks it's, "Wow!"

    Elizabeth Banks was like, "twins."

    Katie Couric thinks it is CRAZYYYY!!!


    Zoe Saldana thinks it is beautiful, and Jessica Capshaw aka Arizona from Grey's Anatomy thinks it is crazy AND amazing.

    Tracie Thoms of Rent (the movie) fame ALSO THINKS IT IS CRAZY.

    Michelle Monaghan was truly taken aback.

    Emmanuelle Chriqui, of Entourage fame thought it was so cute.

    And Hilary Swank (who I didn't even realize was on Instagram) thinks it is unreal!

    So there you have it Marilee. You've done it!!!! YOU HAVE DAZZLED THE STARS!!

    In Conclusion: Reese Witherspoon? More like Reese WitherLONGLOSTTWIN!!!!!