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I Just Realized Who Heidi Klum's Husband, Tom Kaulitz, Is

I had no idea.

Okay, so earlier this year Heidi Klum got married to this guy, Tom Kaulitz.

And because of their relationship, I kept seeing his name everywhere. TOM KAULITZ. TOM KAULTIZ. TOM KAULITZ. Even though I consider myself to know, like, a shit ton about pop culture, I didn't have any idea who he was...just that it was some dude Heidi Klum had married. A rando. A stranger. A who.

But somehow, while in one of my various internet holes, I found out who Tom is and it felt like my eyes were open for the very first time.

Tom Kaulitz is THIS GUY!!!!!

Okay, remember this band from the 2000s, Tokio Hotel?

Well, the lead singer and the guitarist are Bill (big hair) and Tom (dreads). They are identical twin brothers....THE KAULITZES.

And yeah, they used to dress/look like this!!

And were famous enough to go on TRL several times.

And nowww, they look like this.

And as stated above, Tom is married to Heidi Klum. And Bill hangs out with them.

So yeah, Tom Kaulitz is this guy.