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Is This Actually ~Pregnant~ Kylie Jenner In CVS Or Not? An Investigation.


Today something major happened. I mean, this headline from Seventeen speaks for itself — it was BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!

Because I'm a chump who cares too much about celebrity gossip, I just *had* to see this pic!! SHOWWWW MEEEE THE MONEYYYYY as my mom would say. And here it was, in all its glory:

It's a picture allegedly of Kylie Jenner shopping in CVS, caught on camera by a random person who sold the photo to a paparazzi agency because we're all scum.

Anyway, as this picture started circulating, two sides started to form. Those who thought it was the true, real, actual Kylie Jenner.

And those who didn't.

Alright, so, here's the picture again. As an ethical member of the school of journalists, I must remain unbiased in my opinion. JK!! I'm not a journalist and I have no morals. In my personal opinion I'm skeptical... Can that really be Kylie? Let's dive in.

First of all, like Katie said, "the purse, the shoes, no way." I'm inclined to agree. I just don't see Kylie as a person who would go barefoot in floral slip-ons to a public place. I can't really see the purse that well, so I'll call that one moot.

Now let's look at the face. It definitely looks like Kylie. I mean, she has a nose, a mouth, and from what I can see at least one eye. There's an uncanny resemblance. That I won't deny!!!

But I don't know, something seems off to me. And the fact is lots of people look like Kylie! ESPECIALLY with some fancy makeup done.

Now let's move down to her feet again. First take a look at the tattoo-looking blob on the inside of her left heel.

The real Kylie Jenner does in fact have a tattoo on the inside of her left heel. It originally was a lowercase "T," but then she got it changed to "LA" when she broke up with Tyga.

HOWEVER. If you compare the blurry blob from the CVS feet to actual pictures of Kylie's feet, they seem...different. Almost like...they aren't the same legs?

And, as my fellow detective friend/colleague Jess points out...the toes don't match up!!

See for yourself. Here's a pic of Kylie Jenner's feet. Sorry.

TBH I don't even see a pinky toe in CVS feet.

And then, let's just discuss the photo overall. You're telling me that Kylie Jenner left her into a out in the CVS parking lot...walked into CVS...roamed the aisles...stopped to check out a product...presumably bought something and checked out...and not one actual paparazzo was there to capture the moment???

And according to a quick Twitter search, not even one other person saw her. The last time Kylie was spotted at CVS and someone tweeted about it was in 2016. Also I don't endorse that tweet, it's just the only thing that came up.

Also, a smart colleague of mine, Claudia, says that the CVS she was supposedly seen in is a total nightmare! Mobs of people! And yet...there's no other trace of her?

Curious. Very curious.

So what is the truth? I don't know. Only time will tell. Thank you for going on this journey with me. Now please vote in the poll.